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Jul 26 2014, 9pm

Are you going to continue translating Dadadadan? I really like the series and I'm really glad you guys took the time to translate it. Thank you very much for your hard work!

No worries, mate! Dadadadan my favorite series ever. lol It’s just a very time consuming series to work on. Lots of text and redraws. It just finished up in Japan so I’m hoping to be able to order all of it soon so we can toss it out a little more speedy-like.  

Jul 18 2014, 10am

Looks like you're picking up some of my favorite series. ^-^ I'm so happy! Thank you so much!

Awwww~ We’re glad you’re enjoying them as much as us!


Jul 15 2014, 10am

By any chance, is Mad Hatter Scans considering on picking up Junk Box as a project? I've seen bits and pieces of RAW scans and all of the stories and the art looks incredible. I'm kind of doubtful it will get localized in the US. :( I'd really like to read all of the the stories included in Junk Box!!

I going to asume you mean this. Sadly, no. I’m pretty much considering the entire franchise of the HNKNA series to be licensed. Thus, no more scanning from us. We don’t want to hurt a series chanced of getting picked up. We still owe QuinRose our support. We’ve done our part of sharing the series with new fans, now it’s time for us to move on to something new.  

Also, to me at least, it has a pretty high chance of getting picked up. Most, if not all of Fujimaru Mamenosuke’s series are licensed. It’s brand new in the series, if it was an older anothology I would consider it. We already know Yen Press is picking up the Diya anthology, so it is possible. Let Yen Press and Seven Seas know you guys want anthologies, it’s super risky to try something new. Make sure to buy the Diya one when it comes out, keep suporting the main series from Seven Seas, grab that new Alice novel. SS has it’s flaws but they will listen to the fans if we are loud enough. ^_^