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Apr 16 2014, 11pm

Classwork is (mostly) done and it’s getting late. Sadly only one bite, so I shall leave the submit open for the night! If I get the last 4 submits I’ll do some early bird releasing tomorrow!


Apr 16 2014, 10pm

Let’s do a thing!

Since you’ve all been awesome peeps I may release a thing. The lovely Voca just tossed me some typesetted Gray x Alice dj. Exciting as that is, this is R-18 Gray x Alice dj. And I know how much you all love your smut. So, let’s do this, if 5 people submit a photo of their Alice collection before I finish my classwork here, be it books, games, whatever I will get off my lazy ass and QC and release it tonight. Otherwise I’ll release it over the weekend after I stress kill some brain cells thanks to exams. Sound snazzy? A little bit of fun to pass the hours. (and encourage me to get my work done lol)


Apr 13 2014, 6pm

I've been a longtime lurker of MHS for both usual shoujo and Alice stuff, and seeing the recent posts I think many of us fans who love you guys are also a little to blame because we're too shy to show our appreciation,you guys deserve to know the fandom loves you! -buries in hugs, kisses and snuggles- A little sad to see the Alice stuff on hiatus, but by all means take some time off if you need to, you're working so hard for free to provide us with pretty manga, the least we can do is wait.

Previous anon again. Anyway, you should know even if we don’t give much feedback (because we’re a bunch of shy girls who’re too scared to talk to the senpais XD), we all love you. Don’t be tricked by those few bad apples who hate and make drama over nothing. Just work on what you want and when you want, it’s most important that you guys don’t work because you feel pressured but because you enjoy what you do! We’ll be waiting for your return~ (and stalking the shoujo releases while we do)

-clings to face- You guys are awesome! I don’t want any of you peeps to feel guilty about the whole issue. You’re all the reason we’ve stuck it out this long. Like I said, we don’t want to punish everyone just because some jerks want me and some of my peeps out of the fandom. We’ve put a lot of work into our scans so we’ll be down this rabbit hole again. Stay snazzy my peeps, you’re all great and making me all emotional. <3 


Apr 12 2014, 10am

If you need a break, that's your call. People can be such jerks about some things, but I think you and your team are awesome and I don't comment as much as I probably should about how amazing all of you are and what you've done, but just so you know... you are! I didn't know half of what I know now about the hnkna fandom until I ran across your scans/translations/people, all of it! So, from the bottom of my heart, thank you and I hope to see some of your scans in the future! <3

jhfjgajgh <3 <3 It’s fans like you guys that make it all worth it! We don’t regret any of the stuff we’ve done and Alice isn’t done forever. Between me, Az and Tori we still have a looot of DJ and rare anthologies that we would still like to share since most of you guys are really awesome. ^_^ Thanks for taking the time to leave some great comments. We’re all warm and fuzzy now. <3 -tosses confetti- 


Apr 11 2014, 9pm

If you don't mind me asking...what WAS all that negativity about? I saw some stuf but I never really understood what was going on....I thought it had something to do with someone having a problem with the BloodXAlice pairing?? This fanbase is too small to be going at each other's throats, we gotta stick together!

It’s a lot of things. This is something that has been brewing for about a year now. I’m used to the normal scanlations annoyances, people begging for chapters, whatever, but with the Alice series I get more negativity then I do positive comments, unlike our other series were I get far more positive. The fandom just suffers from some very loud people and as much as I hate to admit it, you can only ignore them for so long before you’re just done.    

People have just being jerks to my team and I will admit I tend to overreact, probably making things worse. I won’t deny that. I have a very strong personality that leans more on the asshole side the spectrum.  

Like I said, it’s not just one thing. This has been waiting to boil over for a  long time now. Most of you guys are awesome, I’ve met some really awesome people in the fanbase. It’s just time for us to take a break and move on to some new series. 


Apr 11 2014, 9pm

Alice series READ ME!

Hey peeps! Got some kinda bummer news for everyone. I don’t have any staff for Alice series. And due to some major negativity in the fandom my team is really burnt out. I don’t want ruin the fun for you guys, because a couple bad eggs have an issue with me. You’re all pretty damn awesome, but I need a serious break. As of now all Alice dj and series are on indefinite hiatus. I got a couple in QC, but that’ll be it for a while.

Since finals are creeping up everything is going to be slow for a while. But afterwords if anyone wants to translate or edit I’m still willing to work on Alice stuff. Just no grunt work from me. lol I need more bromance series in my life. little less shoujo.