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Sep 11 2014, 11pm

Help me with this thing?


Need some data for a paper I’m writing, do you guys prefer playing video games with a familiar icons as characters or themes, (such as the Chinese zodiac or Alice in wonderland) or does seeing these tropes everywhere turn you off a game and you end up not wanting to play it. Basically, do you prefer originality and uncommon icons or lean towards familiar icons in media? 

More peeps over here so rebagle. All answers super appreciated! 


Aug 16 2014, 10am

Join us!

Hey peeps, sorry for all the radio silence lately. I’ve been really busy lately with work and some pretty serious life things. Ya know how it goes. But things are returning to normal pace so I’d like to get releasing some stuff for your guys again. But to do so I really need some help, we’re look for all positions. If you guys are interested and would like to help out drop me a line at! =D

Aug 8 2014, 6pm


The DJ we are selling goes off in an hour. Last chance to snag them. Part of the funds go towards getting raws for the group. Bid all the things!


Aug 6 2014, 12pm

Are the books you are selling in english or japaese?

All the doujinshi is in Japanese. It says the language in the post listing. ^_^